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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2013 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> president obama prepares a give a major speech before the u.n. about the ongoing crisis in syria. >> the deadly standoff in a kenya shopping mall not over. some at home may have played a part in the attack that left dozens dead. >> how a beard may have led
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thugs to thugs attacking him. what he wants to do about it. >> the growing shortage in doctors and why some say obamacare is only going to make things worse. >> world leaders including president obama have now arrived in new york city for the start of this week's u.n. general assembly. the president will be addressing the gathering a little later this morning and topping his agenda, dealing with the crisis in syria, and thawed diplomatic relations with iran. iran's president is going to be making his first address to the assembly today. he has been taking a much different approach to his predecessor, appearing to want to work with the west and saying iran will not be seeking nuclear
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weapons. on wednesday, jay cutler is expected to update the talks between israel and palestine and thursday will attended the meeting concerning iran's nuclear program. we have all the details of the week ahead. >> it's already shaping up to be the newsiest u.n. general assembly in years. president obama's motorcade arrived in town amitt rumors of the first high level meeting between the united states and iran for decades. the meeting on the sidelines of the general assembly welcomed by the european union's foreign policy chief. >> when i saw today was energy and determination to try and move forward in our talks. many things flow from that, but this is the first meeting in order to establish how we would work together. >> this is the deal. the permanent five members of the security council plus germany will meet with iran's foreign minute officer during
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this week's assembly. with secretary of state john kerry in the seat for the u.s., it is the first high level meeting between the two nations since the iran revolution in 19 if he didn't nine. william hague who met the foreign minister on monday said words must be turned into concrete actions. >> time is now right for those statements to be matched by concrete steps by iran to address the international community's concerns about iran's intentions and if such steps are taken, then i believe a more constructive relationship can be created between us. >> iran's new president's speech is generating interest and good will. president obama will also speak on tuesday. the rest of the time, he and john kerry are likely to spend
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lobbying for a security council resolution to make legal the geneva agreement between the russia and the u.s. to strip syria of its chemical weapons. other speeches could come from the israelis and palestinians, and nuclear india and nuclear pakistan now making nice over kasmir. >> the president of sudan is wand by the international criminal court, wanted on war crimes. his presence would present a dilemma for the sufficient over whether to arrest him or not, but also create serious diplomatic fallout for the u.n. >> joining us live from the united nations is john. let's start with iran. what should we expect this week?
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>> because of that op ed that appeared in the washington post last friday, very western-friendly approach from the new iranian president, hassan rouhani. he's going to be speaking at the general assembly in the afternoon block. we can't tell you exactly what time. it will be sometime in the early afternoon, we think. people will be looking to hear the tone of what he says. i think the vicious rhetoric that we heard under ahmadinejad is put aside. it's going to be a question of how he phrases the various key subjects, including uranium jen richment project, the nuclear ambitions in other words, and his stance towards the west, particularly the united states going forward. also interesting to note to see if there is any mention of israel at all. later in the week, we're going
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to have the highest profile meeting between any member of the sufficient delegation and iranian delegation since 1979. the iranian revolution, when john kerry sits down with him. syria's a bit of a thorn in everyone's side, to be honest with you. a couple of weeks ago, there was that deal in jen they've have a between the u.s. and russia, nailing down a deal to rid syria of its weapons. syria has handed in all the documentation required by the international community relating to those chemical weapons. there's a problem. there's no security council resolution. the deal between russia and america is a framework deal only. for it to be turned into international law, it needs to come under the auspices of the
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council in the form of a resolution. they wanted to get a resolution by last friday and haven't done it yet. my understanding is there is a part of the international community that needs to sign off on things that haven't been signed off yet. that's why there's no inaction here in new york. behind the scenes, obama and kerry working hard to try to get a u.n. resolution. >> before you go, i have to ask you to read the tea leaves. it has been three decades since the united states and iran had diplomatic relations. for a long time, the united states was the great satan. do you expect that handshake to happen? >> that's a great question. we were just talking about that here at the u.n., trying to work it out. frankly, no one knows. we just don't know. the important thing to take away in this, john kerry and the iranian foreign minister. the last time there was a meeting like this was in 1998, madeleine albright under bill clinton. a much lower delegation from the
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iranian side. if they meet, it will be a chance meeting, probably no more than a handshake. there may or may not be a camera there. >> john, thank you very much. while president obama is dealing with major international issues, there is still that potential government shutdown looming large in washington. we are joined from the nation's capitol. libby, they say when you're in trouble overhome, go over seas or in this case new york and the united nations, but there is that issue of a government shutdown. what are you hearing over the federal budget agreement by the end of the month you? >> it is looming large here. as we know, republicans in the house have said in order to keep funding the government into october and into the future, they want to defund the federal health care allow, known of course as obamacare. the drama has shifted over to the senate. today's not going to be a heavy legislative day, del. the clock is ticking on the legislative process. it is going to be a day of political postyou having now.
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over here in the senate, we'll see the parties, democrats and republicans go behind closed doors for their regular lunches today. we'll come to the podium to hear their talking points and hear some of this political battle that that is about to unfolds. the real battle is if conservative republicans have the votes to hold up federal funding gag forward for the new fiscal year unless tied to obamacare. it doesn't look as if they do. we talked to prominent leaders saying they are not going to hold up the process. the democratic side of the house, the leader of the senate, harry reid spoke yesterday and really set up the battle that's going to unfold. let's take a listen to senator reid. >> the radical tea party threaten to shut down the government unless funding for obamacare defunded approximate been called the dumbest idea
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ever by one senator. it's been called a second box canyon. it's been called dishonest by one republican senator and a suicide note by another republican senator. so mr. president, the reviews are in and they're universal. the ransom demanded by house republicans is unworkable and unrealistic. >> leader of the democrats there setting up the battle that's going to take place really in the republican party. the question is if they don't move forward on some sort of legislative path, who will the public blame? the government would run out of money. at the end of this month, the clock is ticking and we'll see a lot of political posturing unfolding on capitol hill this week. >> there is that situation at the united nations. quite a busy day for the president ahead. have you been given a heads-up as to what we might expect from his speech at the u.n.? >> there will be a focus on the middle east.
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this is an interesting moment in terms of what the united states can bring with rewards to what secretary of state john kerry has been trying to do, and of course syria. he has a two fold mission here. he needs the international committee to support the on going international efforts and needs to hold the threat of military strike on the table as a pressure point. we expect to see and hear a lot of that. of course, as you know, a lot of the behind the scenes meetings and who you happen to run into in front of the cameras will also be important. >> libby, we thank you very much. >> well, with the u.n. general assembly getting underway, president obama is expected to press that case for a u.n. security council resolution concerning syria's chemical weapons. >> joining us now is jim walsh, an expert in international security matters and he is based out of m.i.t., so joins us from boston this morning.
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jim, one week ago, the story was syria. now there is all this talk about iran. is there still that possibility for a resolution concerning syria's chemical weapons to once again take center stage? >> there is, del. unless there is major progress this week, among the principles to try to get a security council resolution that locks that informal agreement in, then i think you'll see pressure building on the president. the more time that passes, where nothing happens, the weaker his position. i think he's going to try to enforce a deadline and say hey, we need the security council resolution, otherwise, i'm going to revisit the option of military force. i think what happens this week will be important. it will be important often syria, whether there's a security council resolution and it will be important for iran, because this is the beginning, the opening of the season, if you will on u.s.-iran negotiations. >> what about russia? how will russia and china respond. are they going to back down from language that may come out of
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the united nations concerning the possible use of military force against syria? >> they are certainly not going to want a resolution that gives cart blanche off the ability for the president to say i can now go and launch a strike. on the other hand, there's nothing in that resolution that's going to prohibit it. when parties agree to disagree, which is what will happen here, they'll simply leave it out and say we can go forward if we need to. >> a big speech for the president today. do you expect him to discuss bringing an end to syria's civil war or think he will focus solely on the issue of chemical weapons? >> well, dell, i think when you step back and think about what's going to happen with iran, this is going to be a huge week, as john reported earlier, there's going to be the meeting between all the secretary of states or all the foreign ministers. having spoken to iranens over the last couple of weeks, this is something that's very
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important to them. they wanted this meeting, they're getting this meeting. that's a good way to start. i'm going to be in new york tomorrow, meeting with the new president rouhani and with the foreign minister, whom i've known for many years and is a terrific gay. this is as good a team you would want from iran as negotiate partners. the table it set. whether people take advantage in this opportunity. both countries have musted opportunities. i hope they don't miss this one, because this is as good as it's going to get for a while. >> we thank you for being with us this morning. >> aljazeera will have special live coverage of president obama's speech at the united nations. we will begun our live coverage at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> kenyan security forces are making their final push to remove those gunman from a my robey shopping mall. gunfire could still be heard as the standoff between the military and sow may fighters is
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into its fourth day. all the hostages are free, but attackers say they are still holding people captive. 62 people have been killed in that standoff since it began. aljazeera is live from nairobi. peter, can you clarify this discrepancy as to whether or not hostages are still in that mall? >> before we deal with that question, i want to bring you up to date. the past few minutes, we have heard very powerful explosions, the kind that you feel deep in your stomach rather than hear through the air. it clearly indicates something is going on. we don't know who set them off or what caused them. clearly there is still an ongoing crisis at the moment. it does seem as if some of those gunman of still alive. as far as the discrepancy is concerned, it's impossible for us to reconcile.
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we have two sources, the government and al shabab. the government says the hostages are released, al shabab says no, it still that some hostages. i guess you can make of that as you will. we would be inclined to believe the government, but at the same time, al shabab in the past has been relatively reliable in terms of the information they've been giving us. i really don't know how we can reconcile those two positions. >> what did this latest attack and the increased stepped up activities there say about the changing strategies of al shabab? >> up until now, al shabab has focused almost all its energies inside somalia and originally formed to overthrow the government and install an islamic regime there and get rid of foreign influence. we saw a rise in the jihadist element, a much more idealogyically driven movement.
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that now seems to be far more closely allied to al-qaeda. this attack is the first time that we've seen anything like this outside of somalia's borders thattal is that, has taken responsibility for. they were involved in a suicide bombing a few years ago when they attacked people who were watching the world cup soccer final, but this is the first time we've seen anything like this. this operation was much more closely organized with al shabab. this organization is posing a problem for the wider region. that's one reason the british government, the american government and the israelis are also interested in supporting the kenyans and getting to the bottom of how they did it and why. >> peter, thank you very much, and we will keep a close watch on those explosions that peter
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pointed to just moments ago. >> as a clearer picture of the attacks at that nairobi mall emerge, kenyan's foreign minister said they have intelligence that several americans were involved in the siege. the focus now, minneapolis where a large somali community exists and some say al shabab has found the region ripe for recruitment. we have more. >> just after mid-day prayers, leaders representing some 20 organizations came out to condemn the nairobi mall attack. >> at the center of this barbaric attack do not share our islamic values. in fact, extremist groups awesome as al-qaeda and its affiliate al shabab have done more harm to muslims over the years. >> it's a sensitive issue here.
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since 2007, according to the adjustment justice democratic, al shabab has used this community to recruit disaffected owe mali nationals and take up arms and fight overseas. some men reported missing have turned up in al shabab videos on line. this man says his own nephew was brain washed and recruited to battle for al shabab in somalia, where he was killed. >> we have a huge growing percentage of single mom households, and we see a lot of young men are not growing with a man in their life. what al shabab recruits are doing here, they are filling that gap. they become the father that this kid has never had. >> in an interview with p.b.s., kenya's foreign minister reveal not only were some of the mall attackers americans, but came from the minnesota community.
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>> from the information we have, a young man, about between maybe 18 and 19. >> of somali origin? >> or arab origin. >> it has angered residents who have done their best to escape their war torn country only to live under a veil of constant surveillance here. >> for us to be associated with terrible people like this, it affects me, because kenya was my home. >> so as community leaders here attempt to stem the tied of recruits by warning young people about the dangers of extremist ideologies, they are bracing for what the kenya attack could mean for their displaced community.
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>> a spokesman for al shabab denying claims that there were any americans or brits involved in that nairobi mall shooting. >> allegations of a hate crime against a college professor. police are search are the for the teens who may have beaten a teacher because of his beard and at your ban. >> 74% of my patients can't pay me. how am i going to earn enough money to pay the salary of another doctor? >> how the affordable care act is expected to affect a nationwide shortage of some 45,000 doctors. millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a
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state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. on august 20th,
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>> a columbia university professor attacked because of his beard and at your ban is still recovering from a vicious beating. the nypd says it is a hate crime. he once wrote a new york times op ed about hate crimes. aljazeera reports. >> new york city police want to speak to the group of teenagers on this surveillance video in connection with the beating of a medical doctor and columbia
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university professor. he was taking an evening stroll on saturday when as many as 15 teens attacked him. >> i heard get osama, and terrorists. the next thing i felt was somebody on a bike moving part me, ripping at my beard and then hitting me in the chin. i went down, somehow, and i was kicked a few times, and punched again. >> his jaw was fractured. he said it could have been worst had three god samaritans nod stepped in to help. he is a desouth sikh. >> it was a biased related event. >> he holds no animosity toward his attackers and believes if they were better educated, it would not have happened. he hopes the event will trigger action in his community. >> my fear is they'll disappear into the neighborhood, which makes it all the more important to reach out to the neighborhood
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more deeply, and really have the community mobilize to make sure that things like this don't happen again. >> because of their long beards and at your bans, sikhs are often thought toes muslim. even though sikhism has nothing to do with islam, a recent survey showed 70% of at your ban waterers in the u.s. are misidentified. he vows to do his part to change that. >> the doctor called on the f.b.i. to track attacks on sikh's separate from muslim. >> it is sad how many times this has happened and continues to happen. perhaps maybe this episode will
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bring a change. thanks very much. >> typhoon you sag guy causing damage in asia. there is yet another storm brewing. returning now to our meteorologist, nicole mitchell. >> as we continue out there, first a look at the philippines area where we still have some showers. don't have the typhoon anymore, but that will add to the flooding and mud slide and concerns they are dealing with cleaning from that typhoon you were just mention. heading toward you japan, we have another typhoon heading in the direction of japan. it looks like the wind flow is going to curve this off before it makes landfall. still could get cloud shield, the wind and rains picking up and maybe rain from the outer bands. the tropics closer to home, the atlantic very quiet right now. that's good news as we get to the united states. the other problem we are seeing this morning, we take a look at
7:27 am
the broad picture. we have had tropical moisture, not a a tropical system, but a lot of that across florida. you can see more of that. because of that more significant rain coming down, we're going to see a lot of areas and anywhere from florida northward up through parts of the southeast, it is going to be a soggy go of it, also keeping those temperatures cool. i'll talk about the next system coming up in just a few minutes. >> feels like fall. >> changing attitudes about iran. why one group that has long opposed the iranian government now say they are cautiously optimistic. >> the government going after some of the big banks. we'll tell you why they are suing those banks. >> in the nfl, it was another record breaking performance for peyton manning. we'll have that coming up later in sports.
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faultlines investigates the epidemic of overcrowding in women's prisons. >> the system is setup to do exactly what it's doing - to break people and to keep them broken. my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. >>my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas. >>i'm kim bondy. >>nicole deford. >>and i'm from new orleans. >>san francisco, california. when i was a little kid, i just really loved the news. >>news was always important in my family. >>i knew as a kid that was exactly what i wanted to do. >>i learned to read by reading the newspaper with my
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great-grandfather every morning. >>and i love being able to tell other people stories. >>this is it, i want to be a part of this. >>this is what really drove me to al jazeera america. >> welcome back. i'm del walters, these are the stories we are following. it is believed that several gunman may still be holed up in the mall in nairobi, kenya. more than 60 people have been killed there over the last four days. government forces say they are in control of the mall and stride all of the hostages, but dozens of people are still said to be missing. >> in just a few hours, president obama is expected to address leaders from around the world at the adjustment general assembly meeting in new york. topping his agenda, the ongoing civil war in syria. he could become the first u.s.
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president in 30 years to shake hands with his iranian counterpart. >> iranian president wants to work with the u.s., raising hopes of a possible foreign relations between the two countries. it's sparking optimism on the streets that tehran. we have more from the iranian capitol. >> it's front page news in tehran and across the world. what rouhani has said is making headlines in a way an iranian leader has not done for decades. iranens want change. >> ey iranians expect him to fulfill his promises, we want to
7:32 am
have a peaceful nuclear program. >> rouhani campaigned on the promise of fixing an ailing economy at home but acknowledged that wouldn't happen until iran repaired it's reputation overseas. >> there is no need for a preliminary step. whoever has good will for talks and if we can fulfill our national interests through those talks, we have no problem. no matter who the other party is, even if it is the u.s. >> the diplomat particular object as he canes are substantial, there's syria, a staunch supporter of president bashar al assad are opposite sides. there's iran's backing of the hezbollah, a listed terrorist group operating in syria and lebanon. iran's nuclear program has left the country isolated. a former diplomat says rouhani can change all that, especially
7:33 am
now as iran's highest authority sees the need for flexibility. >> the supreme leader statement means that mr. rouhani has enough authority, free authority. >> that mandate means for the first time in three decades, there's optimism as an iranian leader prepares to speak to the world at u.n. >> we are joined now live from iran. president rouhani has created quite the era in iran with the hope of diplomacy. what does it mean if they shake hands when rouhani and obama do meet? >> at the very least, that's what iranians want. they just need a handshake.
7:34 am
they just want a very basic gesture. they are sick of the warmongering, the anti american sentiment that's come out of the last administration, this is according to the iranians on the street, according to analysts and everybody watching. there's so much excitement, optimism here in iran about what's going to happen. it could mean not just a simple change from the iranians and americans rewarding relations, but at the very, very most, it could absolute will you mean a change in not just relations, but a change in global politics, as well. if these two men do meet, if there is a handshake, even at the very least. >> the nuclear talks, the meeting of the five plus one takes place thursday. going into that meeting, what is the iranian picture now compared to the past? >> well, there are subtle changes in what the iranians are actually talking about, but
7:35 am
these changes are actually very meaningful, particularly comments coming from the supreme leader in the last week, for example, talking about the need for heroic flexibility. that's a sign right from the top that the talks have changed, with different ambitions. as different ambitions compared to the presidency of mr. ahmadinejad and the last decade, there was no break through in these. president rouhani wants to present for flexibility and transparency. that is his promise. it seems that's what the iranians are going to present in these talks o. of course, the p5 plus one will be meeting, that will be a huge
7:36 am
meeting, john kerry between the usn iranian diplomat. we're just going to have to wait and see what happens, if they actually present that and what the united states does, as well. >> thank you very much. >> as you heard, one of the biggest concerns from iran is over its nuclear program. the sudden shift has one american watchdog group changing course. we explain. >> from bill boards in times square to on line ads. >> building a nuclear arsenal. >> to demonstrations united against nuclear iran, the group has been steadfastly devoted to their cause. they have been fervent protestors on the front lines, particularly each year when the general assembly comes to new york.
7:37 am
>> this week is like our superbowl. >> this time, it's different, mainly because the newly elected president of iran recently claimed his government will never develop nuclear weapons. that changes a lot for the group. instead of ramping up their protest presence right now, they're scaling back. >> it's the best thing to do in response to the change in tone we're seeing on the iranian side. we maintain skepticism. we do think over time, that will be the only true way to judge whether the rhetoric will be matched by substantive action, but it's worth it, giving it a short period of time, a short window to see the sprue intentions of the regime. >> ahmadinejad was the epitome of a person who hates america, saying he is going to wipe israel off the map, saying 9/11 was a big lie, saying he hates new york. this new president, he doesn't say such in as i understandariy
7:38 am
things. at the same time, we know the background. he has been a part of the regime. >> wired private hotels, private venues that are dependent on the money of americans and new yorkers be hosting this delegation that represents a regime that is pretty much the opposite of american values? >> whether the iranian leadership will back up its recent words with actions remains to be seen. at this point, these men are not overly hopeful yet. >> not when we see the increasing nuclear development and we see the ongoing assistance to the assad regime in syria and ongoing human rights abuses in iran. >> for the first time.
7:39 am
>> we want to hear what he has to say, see what happens. >> not all protestors are going to wait to see what happens. there is a big demonstration planned later this morning with some serious speakers lined up, former u.n. ambassador to the united nations and former mayor of new york, rudy giuliani. >> changes in the air. joining us now to discuss that possible climate change between the u.s. and iran is joseph cost eight, the director of the truman national security project, specifically he is in that the deals with the nuclear weapons and is in washington, d.c. this morning. thank you for being with us. >> it's good to be with you. thank you for having me. >> with so much attention on that handshake, the possibility of the two leaders just shaking hands, is it symbolism or much, much more? >> it's much more than i think just symbolism. the u.s. and iran have had difficult relations since 1979, and we've been locked in this
7:40 am
intractable issue ever since iran's covert nuclear program was unveiled to the world more than a decade ago. the will be the first time that sufficient secretary of state will be meeting with his counterpart in such high level talks. i think giving it the possibility of a presidential handshake is very important. >> it is now clear that rouhani is not ahmadinejad. his foreign minister is american-ette indicated. are we looking at what some say is a new chapter in america's relationship with iran? >> well, i think it's maybe a stretch to say a new chapter. it is certainly a change of tactics and it is certainly accurate to say that this sort of change in tone and the fact that negotiators will be meeting this thursday shows that iranian supreme leader has given legitimacy and is allowing president rouhani to negotiate
7:41 am
on his behalf. that is very important. this is really the first step in a very long and complex process. the u.s. and its allies and iran are still very far apart on substance and these first round of attacks on thursday are really going to be testing the waters in a lead up for the next round of talks in october. >> you may find this hard to believe, but there is skepticism in washington. four u.s. senators urge the president to continue a hard line approach with u.s. policy in iran. are they concerned more for mr. rouhani or mr. obama? >> i think this case, the concern is about president obama, the fact that the u.s. might macon sessions, which would still leave iran with the capability to produce a nuclear weapon in very short order. they want very clear road blocks between where iran stands today and its actual acquisition of a nuclear weapon. these are valid concerns, legitimate concerns. let's just remind ourselves that
7:42 am
this is the beginning of a very long, hard complex process where first we're going to have to work on initial confidence building measures. the idea of a comprehensive deem and what would be included in that is something that's going to take a very long time to work out and take multiple rounds of negotiations between the u.s. and its allies in iran. >> joseph cost eight joining us from washington, d.c., thank you. >> the mood might be shifting in favor of allowing iran also to attend a proposed peace conference in geneva to negotiate an end to syria's civil war. the u.s. is opposed to iran's attendance, but monday, the foreign minister of france said he supports the idea of iran being included in the geneva two peace talks, saying iran cannot be used to divert attention away from that countries push to develop nuclear weapons. no date has been set for the syrian peace talks. russia is also pushing for iran's attentions.
7:43 am
>> aljazeera will have special coverage of the penalty's address at the united nations, beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. >> police in chicago have now charged two men in connection with a shooting that injured those 13 people there. the shooting breaking out last thursday at a basketball court in a park on chicago's south side. 21-year-old byron champ and 21-year-old kiwani gate wood are accused of playing different roles, but don't think either man pulled the trigger. >> a hayesing incident forced the cancellation of the men's lacrosse team. older teammates forced new members to binge drink. a lot of them got sick as a result of their participation. those behind the binge drinking have now been told to participate in anti hazing programs, saying victims of the hazing will also be receiving support from the school. >> there was a big monday night matchup in the mile high city
7:44 am
with more on that, we turn now to darrin hayes and another record for peyton manning. >> at 37 years young, his broncos were undefeated and averaging 45 points over the first two games, heading into last night's showdown against the raiders. peyton manning was this close to breaking the nfl record for the most touchdown passes in the first three games of the season. tom brady had that record with 11. manning was on fire. first quarter, dumps it off to decker to give the broncos the early league. he was just warming up. second quarter, manning shoots it right down the pipe to wes welker, touching down his number 11 for manning, which tied him with tradey. after all these years, the competition continues between brady and manning. here's the record. manning hooks up with thomas, taking it 13 yards to the best patch of grass. manning has 12 touchdowns on the
7:45 am
season and no interceptions, leading the belong occasion to 3-0 on the season. peyton manning has thrown 12 touchdown passes, setting a new nfl record. manning still has yet to throw an innings, matching the record held by michael vick in 2010. completion percentage is good enough for a career high. manning, talk to me. >> just one week at a time. i really can't -- i don't have a great comparison to you of the years, but guys are making good plays in the passing game. we're doing a good job getting yards after the cash. that makes a big difference. eric, wes, b.p., catches and short passes. breaking for 50, six yards, those are the plays that really help get the drives going. guys doing a good job getting open in time, having a good
7:46 am
clock in hear head about when to come out of the break versus different coverages. it gives you a chance to see the field and try to throw accurate footballs. >> san francisco 49ers linebacker aldon smith is out definitely and placed on the non-football illness list. he is checking hips into rehab after arrested on friday morning for suspicion of d.u.i. he has had his issues off the field, including a previous d.u.i. arrest. he promises that he'll fix the problem and apologized to fans. he will not play thursday night against the rams and is taking an indefinite leave of absence. he released a statement yesterday stating:
7:47 am
smith has 37 career sacks in a little over two seasons with the 49ers, not to mention he had 19 and a half last season alone. that's sports. >> thank you very much. there is grim news out of colorado. the death toll has now risen to eight. on monday, vice president biden and his wife toured the damage. he said disaster relief would continue, even if there is that threatened government shutdown. 17 counties have been impacted by those floods. >> let's check on the national weather with our meteorologist, nicole mitchum. >> yes. we still have definitely concerns out there, not flooding colorado type, but we've had a lot of rain as we talked about earlier in parts of the south, particularly with that moist flow into florida. that is going to be our flooding concerns throughout the course of the day today. taking a look at the bigger picture, that is kind of our
7:48 am
biggest player right now. you can see a lot of dry skies out here, u up and down much of the east coast, once you get away from that southeast. a lot of the west is dry with the exception of the next weather system coming in. let's take a closer look at a couple of those spots. heading toward the midwest, you can see a little bit of circulation here. just some showers associated with that, a little more cloud cover moving through the dakotas, pushing into minnesota. not oh lot of temperature drop in the forecast. over the next few days, temperatures will be on the rise. pretty comfortable today in minneapolis with that. you compare that, i mentioned the southeast and the rain, that is keeping things cooler. minneapolis and atlanta have about the same forecast temperature wise today. i asked people on sunday, the first official day of fall what one of their favorite things about the season was, it was in fact, these cooler, more comfortable temperatures, especially in the south, you like to get that break.
7:49 am
chicago, the next week is going to look pretty good. we'll get into the 60's today, might hang into the 60's tomorrow, possibly pushing into the 70's, but a lot of sunshine in that forecast. now, as i mentioned, the next weather system we're going to be watching, radar's a little jumpy here, but it's pushing on from the west coast. getting into the northwest, we'll see more rain coverage out here. this is still good news. we know how dry we've been in this region and the fires we've had earlier into the season. the rain is going to be on the rice, especially parts of washington and oregon over the next days. wind chill for more of that. that next system will eventually press across the rest of the country. we'll take a closer look at florida, including how much rain we'll be looking at. >> nicole, thank you very much. that's still a heatwave in chicago. >> remember the collapse of the housing market. there is now a move to recoup billions of dollars lost to bad
7:50 am
mortgage loans. we'll tell you how the government is going after big banks. >> you're there when grandma dies, you're there when the baby says coming. you're with the family and they become partly of you. >> primary care physicians are becoming scarce. what's behind a nationwide shortage of doctors. >> plus, it's back. a nearly exsting classic returning to the store shelves. that's all i have an real money.
7:51 am
victoria azarenko
7:52 am
>> the u.s. government is suing morgan stanley and several other banks, accusing them of selling $2 billion in bad mortgage loans. that caused two major credit urines to collapse. jc morgan chase, wells fargo are also named in that lawsuit. they will try to recoup the billions of dollars lost. the banks are accused of misrepresentation while underwriting the sale of the loans. >> another big bank is shedding jobs because of interests rates, citi is laying off workers, mostly in las vegas.
7:53 am
it has been hit hard by the raising rates. this follows similar cuts by wells fargo, morgan chase and bank of america. >> wonder bread is back. it was a year ago it disappeared from supermarket shelves. now the iconic white bread is making its return this monday. it is going back into the retro packaging that we all know. flour foods snapped up hostess last year. >> one in five americans live in a place where there aren't enough primary care doctors. it could get worse come january when more than 30 million people become eligible for health care coverage under the affordable care act. >> you're hungry. >> sister ann brooks is a doctor in the mississippi delta town. she worries who will take her
7:54 am
place at the clinic she has run for 30 years. >> if 74 percent of my patients can't pay me, how am i going to pay another doctor? it gets to be very sticky. >> she is one of just three primary care if i as i says in her poor rural county. >> you're there when gamma dice, when the baby's coming. you're with the family and they become part of you. >> just breathe in and out. >> it's a nationwide problem. it is predicted a shortage of 45,000 primary care physicians by the end of this decade. >> here in mississippi, this new medical college was started as a solution to the shortage of primary care physicians in the gulf. >> that is true. >> dr. james turner is dean of william carey college of as pattic medicine. he predicts the affordable health care act will make the situation worse, because millions of americans without health insurance will suddenly
7:55 am
become eligible. >> adding to the burden of that system is only going to make it worse. >> 24 new medical schools opened in the u.s. since 2008. he says this is only part of the answer. >> we are about to see a backlog where all these new students are getting to a point where they won't be able to go into practice and actually involve the problem, because they won't have the opportunity to have post graduate training. >> his school is trying to set up residency programs in rural settings, but with only so many doctors, even people who have health care coverage today may soon find it tough to get an appointment. >> there is not enough doctors, and it's just going to be increasingly difficult to get in to see a primary care physician with the present shortage. >> there you go. people here will have no choice but to keep relying on sister ann brooks. >> i still think you're going to be a doctor when you get big. yeah?
7:56 am
you are? [ laughter ] >> ok. >> robert ray, aljazeera, mississippi. >> right now, the number one states for primary care, massachusetts. it has 130 primary care doctors for every 100,000 people who live there. mississippi ranks last with only 63 doctors for every 100,000 people. >> at the end of our first hour, here are the stories we are following. it is now believed that several gunman may still be hold up in that mall in any robe wry with that al shabab denies any americans were involved in that conflict. >> president obama addressing the united nations general assembly this morning. we will have live coverage beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. the u.n. meeting is seen as a chance to warm relations between the u.s. and iran after iran's president said he wants to work with the rest. >> the last time the pirates made the postseason, the national average for a gallon of gas was $1.36.
7:57 am
we'll have that coming up in sports. >> we have heavy rain and it is stuck over portions of the southeast. i'll tell you where flooding could be a concern today. >> aljazeera continues. i'm del walters in new york. we will be back in two and a half minutes with morgan radford and a reminder to turn in for the president's address to the united nations. we are following the situation in kenya, where our reporter reported that explosions were heard. we'll continue our coverage throughout the day.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> good morning. i'm morgan radford and these are some of the stories we're following right now. as word leaders gather in the united nations general assembly, president obama appears to make a major speech. on the agenda, syria and improved relations with iran. >> the deadly standoff in a kenyan shopping mall still not over. this morning, an american connection, word that somalis from right here at home may have played a role in the attack that left dozens dead. >> in chicago, two men of under arrest, accused of last week's violent shooting that left 13 people


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